Focus on Youth with ImPACT (FOY)

 What is focus on youth?

Focus on Youth with ImPact: An HIV Prevention Program for African-American Youth (FOY) is a skills-based program that helps youth reduce high-risk sexual behaviors in order to lower their likelihood of contracting HIV or other STDs, and includes a complementary program for parents.

FOY Content

  • Teaches knowledge and skills to prevent HIV, other STDs and pregnancy
  • Explicitly supports abstinence
  • Openly addresses sexuality, condom use and contraception
  • Builds skills in decision making, communication and accessing resources
  • Uses interactive activities such as games, role plays and discussions
  • Uses language, activities and symbols designed to appeal to African-American youth

Program Structure

  • Includes 8 sessions
  • Sessions run from 85 to 125 minutes each
  • Sessions are delivered by two co-facilitators/group leaders
  • FOY is community-based to allow the program to be delivered closer to where the youth gather

Program Participants

  • 12—15 year old African-American and other youth
  • FOY uses naturally occurring friendship groups and other recreation/sports/church groups to support positive, healthy choices
  • Ideal group size is 6—10 youth
  • FOY includes resources and alternative activities for GLBTQ youth
  • FOY can be offered to male only, female only or mixed gender groups

Note: Additional sample FOY sessions available upon request.